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We can do hard things…

June 20, 2015


Last month wee frizz posted me a fridge magnet that has been cheering us on ever since. It says “we can do hard things”. Last week my waters broke and labour of twins began. In the car on the way to the hospital we laughed nervously and chanted “we can do hard things”. In the middle of labour Andy soberly whispered to me …”we can do hard things”. When we arrived home two days later with two tiny baby girls who were excitedly and frantically welcomed by our two year old I told myself …we can do hard things.

A week later it is still hard. Endless hospital checks worries over jaundice and possible admission, weak feeding, low weights, expressing milk, learning how to use bottles, trying to help our toddler adjust to the fact his family has changed dramatically, lack of sleep, lack of sleep, lack of sleep… Lack of sleep.

But they are amazing and friends and family are amazing. Our church is supplying meals for us EVERY DAY! Grannies have kept us sane. Public health nurses and midwives have helped keep our babies alive and with us rather than in ICU. The list is endless….

So… Meet Cara and Aoife who are teaching us daily to be grateful for the people and the God who can help us do hard things.