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Too big and too small

April 16, 2015

It’s been a while. I guess the sunny weather is lessening my laziness. I found out in December that we are expecting twins. That was sort of enough to consume my brain for quite some time. Shock, disbelief, joy, terror blah blah and so on. I puked morning, noon and night for over 9 weeks straight. I have never fe!t physically worse. Someone said about sea-sickness that it comes in 2 stages: stage one- you feel so ill you think you might die. Stage two- then it gets worse and you start to worry you won’t die. That pretty much sums it up for me. But eventually it got better. It specifically got better after I asked some friends to pray (which was harder for me than it sounds because I felt pathetic for not being able to handle it better) and then I had a bit of a grump with God because I thought that if I was him I’d be less inclined to help a privileged pregnant woman keep a slice of toast down and more inclined to stop a war or cure my uncles cancer or something. I had a word with him about his priorities and then he reminded me that he was the one who is in fact God.

Being pregnant brings a certain amount of entertaining interactions. With twins it reaches a new level. In general people congratulate you when you tell them you’re expecting. But when you tell them it’s twins generally you get the ‘oh my God I’m so sorry look/words’ or the ‘what were you thinking?!’ Look to which we remind them it wasn’t exactly chosen. People more commonly ask about the sex of the babies too and they comment on the size of your bump a lot. I have always found this particularly odd. You can’t control the size or shape of your bump and yet people comment in a way that feels either complementary or slightly insulting. Currently this is also making me paranoid because the wee mites are not growing as well as they should be.

Anyway, on the upside I’m currently stretched out on the sofa eating jelly beans with abandon.

I have still been reading and enjoying your blog posts even though I’ve been too lazy to comment most of the time. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll have something more meaningful and profound to write but probably not for a while!