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a waffly riddle about Life

April 3, 2008

Darkness is the absence of light, but it is nothing more than that. Light however is much more than the absence of darkness. It is present, it is real. In the same way I think death is the absence of life. Life however, is something so much more than the absence of death. If this is true then death is really a life without life rather than something in itself. If that is true then in order to really understand death we need to understand true life.

Maybe it’s just my twisted brain but to me there is a subtle yet significant difference between trying to escape darkness and responding to the invitation of life. Too many times I have heard horror stories of what hell will be like with the hope that I will be so terrified of going there that I’ll run away from it by giving my life to God. But if I do this am I really responding to God’s invite to life or am I simply viewing God as someone who provides an escape ticket from something bad? Hell is hell because it is absent of God. Surely God wants more for us than to escape something bad, he wants us to know (with all of our experience and being) something good. He wants us to know HIM. THAT is his agenda for us. “I have come that you would have life to the full”. These words are so familiar and yet they are flippin astounding.

To talk about hell and death without talking about the kingdom and life misunderstands death entirely. It can’t be fully understood without the other, in the same way that we can never understand darkness apart from light. We cant understand what it means to be outside the kingdom if we don’t understand the kingdom. Perhaps this is just a wordy riddle that says something that is already obvious, or maybe it’s a load of crap but either way I have had a lot of fun thinking about light and darkness when I should probably have been doing something a little more productive!

Ps I have a question – it is not possible to understand darkness without knowing about light, but it is possible to understand light without knowing about darkness? (interchangable with life and death) I would like to know the answer to this.

if you didn’t understand a word of this here is a Basic summary – ‘always talk more about the kingdom and life and God.’

the end.