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is there a case for worship?

June 23, 2008

What they say is true… alcohol leads only to trouble: tonight zoomy and neuro came round with the beers and it all ended in a big stimulating conversation about worship – we should have known.

Anyway it’s got me thinking and i need your thoughts. OK preface – before you all go off on one about worship being a lifestyle ya da ya da, i agree but for now i’m talking about worship in the sense of praise times.

Why do we sing in church? what is the purpose? is it just because it’s enjoyable, nice, emotional? Is the aim of the time of praise (whatever that looks like) to help people ‘connect’ with God? What does it mean to ‘connect’ with God? dunno. How does our worship ‘praise’ God? Is it only ‘praise’ when our hearts are in the ‘right place’? is it only praise when you feel something?… too many questions.

If i were to lead worship in your church what is the goal? I want God to be worshiped. but what does it really mean to worship God? is he worshiped when we say the right words? or play the right notes? God’s grace is expressed in his kindness to us. As we allow God to be God by receiving that grace then He is glorified, worshiped. Our song both gives birth to worship and is our response to it, it is not worship in and of itself. As we lead worship in our churches we should be creating a space for people to remember and consider who God is and what he has done and is doing that we would drink deeply form Him. Like piper says we glorify God by enjoying God. Our praise times therefore should reflect and point to God, both in it’s beauty and truth. This is why Beethoven or sufjan stevens or seeing an elderly lady reach across the table with her fork to give her husband a bite of a burger at a church bbq leads me to worship. why? because to see beauty is to acknowledge it and to acknowledge beauty and truth leads me towards God.

I do believe that there is something very powerful about corporate worship, we need each other, i need to hear you speak truth to me when i am full of doubt and fear, but it’s not just individually, we are a body and we need together to acknowledge the truth of who God is.

these are the beginnings of stiring thoughts in my mind… some are good some are rubbish you can go and figure it out as long as you come back and tell me the answer. maybe it’s all a big farse and we need never sing a song of praise again… if not why not? or maybe there is a much wider scope for our praise times, maybe next time i’ll blast some sigur ros from the speakers…  Small corner, i definately expect a response from you!