Juilet Turner

So tonight i got to hear the wonderful Juliet Turner live in Chester, (which incidently is alright but doesn’t hold a candle to sweet maynooth).  I forced my friend to buy a cd just so we could meet her (let’s hear it for pizza rach not pizza and wine!).  I have an intense fear of meeting people i admire, mostly because i say the most asshole things so i didn’t really say anything.  However, what i would say is that if you havn’t seen Juliet sing live you need to.  Her performance tonight was simply beautiful.  She is one of those singers who is so present in her words and music that sometimes it makes you feel like crying, forcing your heart into a place of deep silence that you dont want to wake from.

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2 Comments on “Juilet Turner”

  1. Potty Rach Says:

    Juliet + Wine + friendship = de-stressed

    You forgot to mention Gentry Morris – a voice you can melt into!

    ‘Pizza and Wine’ is a great title for a blog!!! In the words of Zoe: “You know what, it doesn’t matter anyway I had such a great time!”

  2. transfarmer Says:

    true, Gentry was also amazing

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