The Mission of God & Chris Wright

On Friday I had the privilege of hearing Chris Wright speak on the mission of God.  It was quite wonderful.  The kind of stuff that makes me buzz and happy to be alive.

Here’s 5 things that have stuck with me:

1) Mission is the basis of the bible, we need to view it this way rather than viewing the bible as the basis for mission.

2) We tend to use the word mission to refer to the things we do, but it comes first of all from God.  Our ‘missions’ only make sense within the ‘Mission of God’ ie the journey from a humanity scattered to a humanity gathered together in worship of God.  God bringing blessing to the world.

3) The election of Israel was always missional – it still is – we are chosen for the sake of those around us.

4) In a world going in the way of Sodom, God wants a world going in the way of the Lord.

5) God wants the world to grow up not just get bigger.  Paul planted, Apollos watered, but it was God who gave growth.

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