my torment is laid to rest

dissenterdan i wish you’d just said that about 6 weeks ago, it’d have saved me a lot of trouble and heartache!  thanks for your comment, i am giving it it’s own space so that the issue is cleared up without me having to write about this ever again! (i’m only partly joeking).

Dissenterdan said: “Hey. enjoyed the blog. Since we are being speculative let me say that for me the separation of Jesus from his Father was a separation of the Father as God and Jesus as man. The danger might be in thinking of Jesus on the cross as only God. In the incarnation Jesus sets aside his equality with God and takes the form, the limitations, the emotions of a man. He does not only appear to be a man (who is really God all the time), he is a man, fully and completely (who is also really God all the time.) For me, the point of the Psalm is both that Jesus the man fully experiences the full horror of separation from God sin has caused and that he has knowingly entered into it because he knew his Father’s will would not be to leave him thus separated. in this way as God, the nature of the trinity was never in doubt but as man, Jesus (who had walked with God as a man in perfect relationship all his life) faced and bore the genuine separation and torment it meant to take what we deserved upon
himself. For me, anything less implies docetism on Jesus part and poor service to the Psalm on ours.”

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