is your freedom too small?

Our idea of freedom is too small. We covet a freedom where we can do whatever we want when we want. Where we can indulge ourselves in every way without limit. Where we can say what we really think without having to ‘choose our words’. But is this freedom really freedom at all? In reality it is perpetual chaos. it destroys us and those around us. it diminishes humanity in every way. In reality this kind of freedom creates worlds and people that we long to be free from. In reality our freedom enslaves us.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”. God didn’t set us free to do that which destroys our freedom, he set us free to enjoy true freedom. It stands to reason therefore that the kind of living he has called us to is an act of true freedom. It seems contrary, that to serve and love and be patient and faithful and kind and whatever else you can think of, are tastes of true freedom, and yet the more i think about it the more i realise that i can think of no greater freedom than the experience of sincere loving an enemy. Such freedom is only fully realised in Christ. In the words of Iron & Wine “freedom hangs like heaven over everyone”. Let your freedom grow.

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One Comment on “is your freedom too small?”

  1. soapbox Says:

    nice one – its exciting that it seems lots of us seem to be realising our views of God. the gospel, freedom and more are all too small. What’s the iron and wine song that comes from? (i’m leading a homegroup thing on freedom as part of God’s mission on wed night so looking some creative things to use!)

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