‘a wild & marvellous joke’

“Is it possible, I wonder, to say that it is only when you hear the gospel as a wild and marvellous joke that you really hear it at all?” (Fredrick Buechner)

The other day I was standing looking out at the sea in the freezing cold, the noise of it was so loud that I felt silent. As I breathed it in I couldn’t help but think about the sheer vastness of God, his splendour, his majesty… I had been in one of those contemplative moods, where I felt very aware of my own heart, my capacity to make the wrong choices, to sell out to mediocre desires rather than really long for life, my capacity to hate rather than love.   But as I stood there, I was reminded that God (in all his glory) literally reaches down to me with a kiss (I hope this isn’t irreverent but you know what I mean!).  That this God would get his hands dirty with an unfaithful lover like me – this for me is a glimpse of the comedy of the gospel that Buechner speaks of. And more than that, the most wild and marvellous joke is that he never gives up on me, and that with him at work in me I will become like him.     

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